Bertablanca is a visual artist currently living and working in Barcelona. Dabbling into a range of artistic mediums, she was recently a recipient of a grant from Fundació Güell, an organization that has been contributing to the artistic projects of young artists since 1974. The organization has awarded more than 100 scholarships to young creatives in the Catalan region, regardless of their medium of choice. Which is great for Bertablanca because unlike many artists, she chooses not to have a defined medium of choice. 

“When an idea sparks in my head, I look for the right medium to shape it” she says. For many artists, it is typically the other way around and their experience must be expressed through the medium they’re most comfortable with. Bertablanca enjoys exploring different mediums and ways to express herself, having worked with clay, metal, oil, acrylic, print making and enamel.    

Bertablanca has a taste for the original and unconventional; presenting a strong sense of self and artistic vision. She describes her creative process as “action, contemplation, and being naive”, and is inspired by many different artists including Jorge Oteiza, Antoni Tapies, Joan Brossa, all of whom have contributed to the rich and diverse artistic landscape of Spain. Her works have a surrealist quality which transcends ‘trends’ of modern art today. She approaches her works with a unique vision and thorough research, stating; “I don’t make films, [they’re more] ‘video essays’ where I bring about intimacy, touch, a mute dialogue with the concrete work of art”. In regards to her filmic references, Bertablanca says that she feels stimulated by the work of Jan Švankmakjer. "The way he portrays the senses as the unique source of knowledge, especially in Conspirators of Pleasure, where the characters reach ecstasy through a sensory experience”.

Bertablanca's ‘video essay’ is a deconstruction of her as a person and an artist. The two-part visual demonstrates a sense of contrast and symbiosis between the different aspects of her personality and works. Directed by herself and videographer Max Larruy, the strikingly stunning visual illustrates a compelling narrative spanning across various parts of Spain.           

Bertablanca is currently working on a sculpture project called Desfiguracions.Desfacement which will be exhibited in Palau Güell later this year. She is now exhibiting in a modernist masia in her hometown.
You can find Bertablanca on Instagram @ombredansleau